Proposal Guidelines

Proposal Guidelines

Proposals are due June 7, 2019 (midnight, Pacific Daylight Time PDT).

To submit a proposal:

  1. Create an account profile for this website here:
  2. If you do not already have one, create a profile with an image at and it will appear on sites all over the web when you create content with an email address linked to your Gravatar.
  3. Submit your proposal here:

Your proposal must be accessible visually and usable by screen readers. Any images included must have alternative text and image descriptions.

Other requirements:

  • 500 word maximum length;
  • Identification of the number of authors (5 maximum), the primary author, and short statements of the authors’ expertise and relevant affiliations;
  • Clear description of the purpose of the essay (e.g., to present research, experimentation with effective technologies; case study within an exhibition or museum wide; evaluation methods and results, other);
  • Identification of which of the seven category(ies) specified on the website the essay addresses;
  • Short summary of research on which the essay is based (present 3-5 recommended resources);
  • Audience to which the essay is primarily directed and the value it presents to that audience;
  • A link to writing samples from each of the authors.