This project is a collaboration between the Smithsonian, the Institute for Human Centered Design, and MuseWeb.

People view images on a long touch screen table.
Museum professionals look at a touch screen table.

Access Smithsonian, the Institute for Human Centered Design (IHCD), and MuseWeb (formerly Museums and the Web) are collaborating on a groundbreaking online publication of collected essays about inclusive digital exhibition interactives.

This collaboration includes work by developers of inclusive museum exhibits/interactives; designers of inclusive museum technology; and user/experts with a wide range of abilities and disabilities who are inclusive technology designers and/or are museum visitors who use interactives. This document is not a definitive how-to document; instead, it is a demonstration of the current state of the art of inclusive interactives design, posing questions and problems for further research, experimentation, and evaluation.

This book will be built from the ground up, by the museum community and for the museum community. The book will cover topics within these seven categories:

  • Integrating inclusive design into all interactives 
  • Evaluation of inclusive design in interactives 
  • Digital challenges for people with varied abilities 
  • Technology tools for inclusion 
  • Anticipating inclusion requirements for developing technologies 
  • Interactive works of art 
  • Comprehensive intellectual access, including open access 

Project Coordinators:

  • Janice Majewski /  Director, Inclusive Cultural and Educational Projects, Institute for Human Centered Design
  • Robin Marquis / Community Outreach Coordinator, Smithsonian Institution Accessibility Program and Accessibility Coordinator, The Peale Center
  • Nancy Proctor / Director, The Peale Center and Co-chair MuseWeb Conferences
  • Beth Ziebarth / Director, Smithsonian Institution Accessibility Program

Advisory Council:

  • Sina Bahram / President, Prime Access Consulting, INC / Cary, North Carolina
  • Matthew Cock / Chief Executive, VocalEyes / London, United Kingdom
  • Rory Cooper / Founding Director and VA Senior Research Career Scientists, Human Engineering Research Laboratories, University of Pittsburgh / Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania
  • Naotsune Hosono / Director, NPO Miimaru, Research in ICT, Universal/Inclusive Design, Usability, Human Interface, & Geronotology / Tokyo, Japan
  • Vincent Martin / Senior Accessibility and Usability Engineer/Disability Subject Matter Expert, Apex Systems / Atlanta, Georgia
  • Gabrielle Schlichtmann / Executive Director and Chief Scientist, EdTogether, Inc. / Boston, Massachusetts
  • Corey Timpson / Principal, Corey Timpson Design Inc / Winnipeg, Canada
  • Kathy Wahlbin / VP Enterprise Compliance & General Manger for The Paciello Group and Interactive Accessibility / Clearwater, Florida
  • Gregg Vanderheiden / Professor and Director of the Trace R&D Center, University of Maryland / College Park, Maryland