Best Practices, Innovative Experiments, and Questions


A man holds his hand up and points as he chats with a woman holding a device.

Access Smithsonian, the Institute for Human Centered Design (IHCD), and MuseWeb (formerly Museums and the Web) are gathering groundbreaking essays rich in technological and design expertise for an online publication about inclusive digital interactives in exhibitions. This globally sourced document will represent current theory and practice in designing interactives for the spectrum of museum visitors with a broad range of abilities, age, and culture. The essays will pose potential solutions, questions, and problems for further research, experimentation, and evaluation.

The collaborative document will be titled, “Inclusive Digital Interactives: Best Practices, Innovative Experiments, and Questions for Research.” The content will be created specifically for the museum community, with all essays peer-reviewed by members of an advisory council made up of experts in the fields of inclusive technology, museum interactive technology and design, and first-person experiences with barriers in museum interactive design.

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